Saturday, August 11     1 p.m.

Of four Town cemeteries by Bleecker Historical Society

Roadside unveiling proceeding  from north to south end of Bleecker. Events commences at 1 p.m. at Bleecker Town Hall on CoHwy 112 with brief overview of background of each site.

The public, all residents, former residents, and descendants with ancestors buried at the sites are invited. Call  Brooks at 518-725-6784 for details.


June 11, 2018


Above photo of current Bleecker Town Hall, probably in late 1930’s.  Old school burned down and this one replaced it.  School was temporarily held at Albert Daniels property (currently D. Perrella property) probably in building where voting was held annually until this building was acquired for a town hall.

The June meeting of the Bleecker Historical Society will be held on the above date at the Bleecker Town Hall, 575 County Highway 112 at 6:45 p.m. Come and help up plan future events including upcoming dates for dedication of cemetery markers.


October 9, 2017


The October meeting of the Bleecker Historical Society will feature Bonnie Pulis, co-author of the book, “Molly Brant, A Legacy of Her Own” on Monday, October 9th at the Bleecker Town Hall.

SOURCE:–Quote: “As consort of Sir William Johnson, Mary Brant’s (1736-1796) influence with Indian leaders helped Johnson to pacify the Indian nations he dealt with as a representative of the British government. After his death, she was able to influence the Iroquois toward alliance with the British during the Revolutionary War.” 

“Molly Brant is considered the most influential Mohawk woman in the New World from 1759 to 1776.”

Come and hear about this fascinating Indian woman who lived in Johnstown, NY with Sir William Johnson and who bore him several children.

Business meeting at 6:45 p.m. with program following at:                                                575 County Highway 112, Bleecker





September 11, 2017


The September meeting of the Society will be held on the above date at the Bleecker Town Hall, 575 County Highway 112 in Bleecker at 6:45 p.m.  Following a brief business meeting, Richard Nilsen, Town Historian for Caroga will speak on the “History and Memories of Sherman’s Amusement Park”.  

Come and share memories of your fun-filled happy times at this famous local venue.




The August meeting of the Bleecker Historical Society will be held at 6:45 p.m. at the Bleecker Town Hall at 575 County Highway 112 in Bleecker on Monday the 14th.  Plans will be made the for dedication of the Veterans Memorial on August 26th.  The Memorial will be unveiled at the Town Hall on that date.

Speaker for the evening will John Peck who will discuss the Fulton County Airport, past, present, and future.  Peck has been associated with the airport for several years.

Meeting are open to all and the public is invited.


The Annual Ice Cream Social and Bake Sale of the Society will be held on the above date from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Old School Museum on Lily Lake Road in Bleecker, NY. Tickets are only $2.50 per person with child age 5 and under FREE. (Can’t get a sundae at Stewart’s for that, and you get a cookie too! But a BIG THANK YOU to Stewart’s who donates all the ice cream, and toppings too! GREAT COMPANY)

FREE ENTERTAINMENT be Gabrielle Ellers. Come and have some fun with us on Saturday, August 5th!

JULY 10, 2017


Our July meeting will feature Tom Ryder who was chief steward on Air Force Two (the vice-presidential plane) in the 1980’s when George Bush was vice president, later to become president.  Ryder met and served not only the vice president at that time, but many congressmen and women as well as ambassadors and heads of state of several different countries.  He traveled to many foreign countries while in service on Air Force Two.

Come on July 10 and hear the many memories Tom will share with us.


12 June 2017


The June meeting of the Society will be held at the Bleecker Town Hall, 575 County Highway 112 at 6:45 p.m., Monday, June 12th.  Following a brief business meeting, member Mike Gendron will present a program entitled, “Searching for Bleecker Mountain Quarry.”  This quarry operated for 30 to 40 years by Edel in northern Town of Johnstown and supplied granite for foundations of many buildings in both Gloversville and Johnstown.

PLEASE NOTE:  Above photo is stock photo from online as no photo of Edel quarry is currently available.  Mike will be doing a Power Point presentation with many photos however. Come and join us for an interesting evening.