October 9, 2017


The October meeting of the Bleecker Historical Society will feature Bonnie Pulis, co-author of the book, “Molly Brant, A Legacy of Her Own” on Monday, October 9th at the Bleecker Town Hall.

SOURCE: encyclopedia.com–Quote: “As consort of Sir William Johnson, Mary Brant’s (1736-1796) influence with Indian leaders helped Johnson to pacify the Indian nations he dealt with as a representative of the British government. After his death, she was able to influence the Iroquois toward alliance with the British during the Revolutionary War.” 

“Molly Brant is considered the most influential Mohawk woman in the New World from 1759 to 1776.”

Come and hear about this fascinating Indian woman who lived in Johnstown, NY with Sir William Johnson and who bore him several children.

Business meeting at 6:45 p.m. with program following at:                                                575 County Highway 112, Bleecker





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