6 May: The Town Line Museum

Thirteen years ago, Bob and Deb Landrio turned a personal passion for 1950s Americana into a small museum on the outskirts of Johnstown. The Town Line Museum, located at 3261 State Highway 29W, documents the postwar heyday of United States history through an array of memorabilia that began as a private collection in the early 1960s and blossomed into a series of cohesive exhibits, including an ice cream parlor and a barber shop. This year, they have published a companion book, replete with photographs of the exhibits. On May 6th, Bob and Deb will present a program recounting the challenges and rewards of building a museum from scratch, from the acquisition and care of artifacts to their arrangement and interpretation for a broad public. Please join us to learn about their accomplishment and remember the era it commemorates. Our regular meeting will begin at 7pm; the talk will commence at 8.

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