7 October: A Swift Return?

Last year, a 132 year-old piece of Northville History came to an abrupt end when the Hubbell Chimney was dismantled. The chimney was erected by Stephen Acker as part of the Globe Metallic Binding Company, owned by Ray Hubbell and James Cole, in 1880. The chimney, outlasting the factory for which it was originally built, found greater fame in the twentieth century, becoming a seasonal home for Chimney Swifts who travelled some 7,000 miles from their home in the Amazon to visit the Adirondacks every May 6th – Ray Hubbell's own birthday. On October 7th, Gail Cramer, historian for the Village of Northville and Town of Northampton, will discuss the history of the chimney and the prospects for a return of the Swifts as a replacement chimney is constructed.

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