JULY 11, 2016


       G. David Knowles, PE, PLS, will speak at the July 11, 2016 meeting of the Bleecker Historical Society. David is a native of Bleecker and graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer and as a retired Professional Land Surveyor in the State of New York, and has completed several property surveys in the Town of Bleecker.
       David will display some of the equipment that he has used in the past to conduct property line surveys. He will explain some of the procedures used to perform the necessary research and to complete property surveys that are accurate and properly documented. Some of the equipment displayed will include a theodolite, chain (steel tape), chain grips, plumb bobs, tripods and stadia rod with level. This equipment is not widely used today, since much of the survey equipment is now electronic. A discussion of the research in the County Clerk's office that is necessary to properly document adjacent property owners will also be discussed. Adequate time for questions and answers will also be provided.


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